We at Tripada International School designate our pre-primary section as Tripada Haus Fur Kinder. The house of joy and fun learning pivots on the pedagogical thought that young children learn best through prepared environments with activity oriented teaching aids, mixed age groups and well trained educators. Our children carry this journey with joy, peace, independence love and care.

The pre-primary program is taken forward by two methodologies Play Way and Montessori. We have separate environments to reflect our ideologies of preschool

Play Way

The Play-way method conceived by Friedrich Froebel, who is considered to be the father of Kindergarten method, advocates that play is the work of the children. It is the purest and natural form what children study at this stage.

This has proven to be the most desirable method of learning for children. Our environment at THK makes it fun loving filled with aids to learn numeracy, language, general knowledge, conversational skills and free play. The curriculum offers higher level of thinking through exploration and guided play.


Montessori Education is fundamentally a model of human development, and an educational approach based on that model. The basic elements of that model are based on environment and planes of development. The phrase ‘prepared environment’ refers to a well-thought out environment, classroom or home, designed with the child in mind. The goal of the prepared environment is to foster independence in the child and is executed with Mixed Age Group class.

The planes of development reflect the phase wise development where preschoolers are come under first plane of development from age group 0 to 6 years. The child experiences significant physical and psychological growth in this period and finds himself engaged in the process of developing the psychological self and improving physical independence.