The core team of Tripada International School (TIS) is constantly working towards the Academic Excellence and Accountability towards the education. To the team academic excellence is of highest priority. The TIS team believes that education is a shared responsibility where the student, the school and the parent work towards the common goal.

The team of facilitators with the guidance of the Academic Coordinator under the leadership of Academic Director provides strong pedagogical leadership delivering the experiential learning to learners. The various departments are directed to lead, manage and develop the highest possible standards of excellence in all its activities.

The Academic and non-academic team works for demonstrating and walking on the vision, empowering others in order to deliver the agreed departmental strategy within the Faculty.

The academic team works on appropriate structure in academics, decision -making and communication with staff and students, promoting clarity of knowledge and concept of primary methods, refresh and develop new programs. The non-academic team constantly shares the equal responsibility by constantly ensuring the highest levels of quality, integrity and ethics the team creates and explores new opportunities to impart knowledge using the latest technological tools.