:Career Counseling:
                                                    IKC Visit of 8 American Universities in Tripada International School Campus

Research shows that students generally rely on their parents, teachers, friends and most often their academic performance for guidelines and suggestions regarding their career choice. However if a student chooses a career that is in sync with his/her Aptitude, Interest and Personality, s/he is likely to be more productive and successful in life. Students are under a lot of pressure – pressure to perform academically, pressure to ultimately, make a good life. The one thread that touches upon all these is the choice of one’s career. It is a decision that is often taken under parental or societal duress. However, one must seek proper career counseling and guidance to make the right decision. Career counseling is really beneficial for students, and there are many reasons it is imperative

Keeping all this in consideration Tripada International School CIE Section organised an event of IKC VISIT of 8 American Universities on 2nd February 2017for students and parents of IX, X XI and XII from all schools of Tripada Education trust. The Directors and Associate Directors of Admissions from the universities embraced the event.

     1)    Marco Dinovelli - Associate Director of International Recruitment, Rutgers University
   2)  Anna Wise - Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, University of Delaware

   3)  Cynthia Yang - Assistant Dean of Admission, Gustavus Adolphus College

   4)  Adam Parker - Senior International Admission Counselor, University of Iowa

   5)  Alexandra Hartmann - Associate Director of International Admissions, Nova Southeastern University
   6)  Caitlin Kelley - Associate Director for International Recruitment and Admission, University of Alabama 
   7)  Christina Hilpipre-Frischman - Director of International Admissions - University of St. Thomas
   8)  Julie Huffman - International Admissions Counselor, George Mason University

They briefed the students about curriculum options, subject options, scholarships, opportunities  and other details to get admission in their campus. We look forward to students taking the benefit of the guidance and moving ahead for their shining future.