Dr. Pratiksha Parikh

Phd., M.A., M.Ed., CIDTT, DCA

Pricipal /Director

(Academic & Operations)

Tripada Group of Schools

To develop a child in our culture with his or her own values and beliefs and open mindness is a big task for any academic institution. As I always believe that children are the foundation pillars of a well built nation, it is necessary to enhance the existing inherent capability of the children. With the combination of conservative teaching methodology and experiential learning, we lay the path for the child to experience the walk independently and convert their experiences into knowledge. The learning received here under the vision of creating a ‘Better Citizen for a better tomorrow, has given our educators to be responsible facilitators for their learners. ‘Tripada’ which means the three ‘pods’ or pillars represent an education which is enriched through the interwoven strings of the parent, the student and the school, weaving continuous for the learners’ positive overall development. As an institution we are constantly working closely with all the learners for their clarity on content, stiving to achieve consistent results and to become a confident individual to serve the community in all the aspects of life.