Every Child has a different learning style. Each child is unique, who is not only capable of learning but also succeeding”      - Robert John Mechan


                As the name suggests Tripada Haus Fur Kinder is second home for children where we all are moving towards one goal i.e. for child’s best education. The essence of good schooling lies in grooming the child into a healthy individual with a balanced personality so that they may be able to contribute their worth to the society.  


            Here we have planned  the academics and extra- curricular  activities in such a way that learning becomes core, playful and enjoyable, as these years are very important and crucial for  physical and mental development . So that when they grow up they become Better Citizens for better tomorrow.


 Kuntal Parikh



Pre-Primary School Team

Sr No Name Designation
1 Ms Kuntal Parikh Coordinator
2 Ms. Sujatha Bhandari Educator
3 Ms. Kirtida Dave Educator
4 Ms. Hansa Thomas Educator
5 Ms. Rosie Coney Educator
6 Ms. Nisha Patel Educator
7 Ms. Shweta Patel Educator
8 Mr. Pragnesh Nayak Educator(Music)
9 Ms. Sunita Trivedi Educator